Hotel Accommodation

Hotel nameDistance to Conf. VenuePrice/night (1-bed room)
Park Hyatt Tokyo10 minute walkJPY 150,000
Hilton Tokyo6 minute walkJPY 50,000
Hyatt Regency Tokyo6 minute walkJPY 35,000
Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo*
* Reservations are available until September of this year. After the deadline, the exclusive rate will no longer be available and will be subject to availability. 
* This rate is exclusively for guests attending the conference.
Venue HotelJPY 23,500*
Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku12 minute walkJPY 20,000
Keio Presso Inn Shinjuku5 minute walkJPY 15,000
Nishitetsu Inn Shinjuku10 minute walkJPY 12,000
Kadoya Hotel6 minute walkJPY 12,000
Hotel Rose Garden8 minute walkJPY 11,000
Shinjuku Washington Hotel6 minute walkJPY 11,000